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Alessandro Baldasseroni

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Zotho Lhun
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고딩때 만들었는데, 고양이나 동물들로 군인이나 무법자들이 보고싶어서 만든애들.

이름은 안만들었지만 저 양복쟁이들은 대충 악의4형제로 해서
독일어로 1(아인스),2(드라이),3(쯔바이),4(피어)로 부르고 있음.
둘째는 고문 후유증으로 백치가 됬는데 형제들이 챙겨주는걸로 해서..
삼남은 그게 귀찮아서 집을 나간 양아치.

로 생각했었는데 몇년전에 동물 밀리터리 만화 캣 쉿 원 이 나와서 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
고양이들이 옷입고 신발신는건 참 좋다.
삼남은 초기엔 돼냥이 였는데 돼냥이 그리느건 아직 익숙하지 않아서 바꿨지만
돼냥이 하나도 필요할것 같다.

아마 나중에 더 만든다면 0(뉼)은 하얀애로 만들지 않을까 싶음.

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Next strike of horror-art: Damien Worm.

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Hans Kanters  Surrealist Art

“People ought to be able to get more out of it than I put into it, otherwise I have been doing something wrong. It is not just about the meaning, it is the emotion, humour and irony, tenderness and  frustration, even rage that I am trying to convey.”
There is no way to describe Kanters’ work in a couple of sentences. What you can say is that the bizarre, fascinating paintings with their dozens of details depict life in all its facets  of emotion, behaviour and social customs. And at an amazingly skilled technical level. As an autodidact, for decades Kanters has been doing things his own way without paying the least bit of attention to trends or fashion, he simply is who he is. After his erotic period in the 1970s, surrealism has been dominant in his work since the 1980s and his palette has become more direct, the colours less dense. In addition to his graphic work such as  lithographs and etchings, ever since 1994 he has also been making bronze statues.

Hans Kanters was born in Amsterdam in 1947, and has been making paintings since 1967, lithographs since 1986 and sculptures since 1994. An autodidact, he has lived and worked in the Netherlands, southern Spain, Formentera, and southern France. Ever since 1993, Ibiza has been his home

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Wayne Barlowe’s Hell-themed artwork

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Isabelle Dalle
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Matt Dangler
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By Bryan Konietzko

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